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Your Guide to Swing Bed Care

What is a swing bed? 

‘Swing bed’ is simply a Medicare term used to designate skilled nursing care following an inpatient hospital stay. 

The William Newton Swing Bed program is designed to continue the circle of care provided by our team of healthcare providers. Your personalized in-hospital care and physical rehabilitation sets you on a path to recovery, bridging the gap from acute hospitalization to home.

Swing bed is also not a specific room or wing of the hospital. In fact, when you transition to extended recovery from acute care (med/surg unit) at William Newton Hospital, your room does not change. You stay where you are, cared for by the same skilled team. You will have a weekly care plan meeting. Your family or caregiver is encouraged to be part of these meetings. Once your rehabilitation has progressed, your circle of care can continue with home health services if needed. 

Who qualifies for swing bed care? 

Swing bed care is covered by Medicare and some commercial insurance companies. If you’re a Medicare patient, and have spent three consecutive midnights as an inpatient in acute care within the last 30 days, you could qualify. We will help you determine if you qualify for swing bed care. 

Many patients transition to swing bed care from acute care at William Newton Hospital (WNH). However, an acute inpatient stay at ANY hospital qualifies. Our in-house hospitalist can manage your care.

How do I get a referral to swing bed care? 

Your physician or discharge planner can refer you to the William Newton Swing Bed program. You can also call our Utilization Review Nurse directly, who works with doctors or others providing your care to determine your eligibility.

How long is a swing bed stay?

Your length of stay is flexible based on your progress. It will also be determined by your insurance coverage. For example, Medicare covers 100% up to 20 days. 

Who will be assisting in my care? 

By choosing William Newton Hospital for skilled nursing services, you have access to the network of highly qualified medical professionals providing a wide range of services not typically found in a traditional nursing home.  

At William Newton Hospital there is a Physician on site 24/7 that is able to provide immediate care in an emergency.

Your individualized day-to-day care is attended by Nurses, who provide medication, dressing changes or monitoring.  

William Newton Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services staff, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, work with your individual needs to help you reach your maximum level of function. 

The Wound Healing Center team offers advanced wound healing techniques for chronic or non-healing wounds. The multi-disciplinary team is made up of professionals including physicians, nursing staff and technicians. 

A licensed Dietician provides medical nutrition therapy along with nutrition education and counseling. 

The hospital has a Laboratory on site to deliver fast and reliable information regarding your care to your physician and nurses.  

Also located within the hospital is a Pharmacy to provide quick access to medications and consultations. 

A Case Manager provides discharge planning and coordination of care.

Want to know more?

Talk to our Utilization Review Coordinator at 620.221.2300 x 1140. 

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