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For Your Safety and Security

Tobacco Free Inside and Out
In support of our mission to promote health and well-being, WNH maintains a strong position on the health hazards of tobacco use by prohibiting tobacco use by anyone - employees, volunteers, Medical Staff, contract staff, vendors, patients and visitors - throughout our entire campus.

Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited on any property of WNH, including buildings, parking lots (including cars), lawns, and or sidewalks. In addition to the hospital, this includes the Winfield Healthcare Center, the Physicians Pavilion, the Winfield Dialysis Center and our rural health clinics located in Dexter, Cedar Vale, Moline, and Sedan.

If you are a patient who smokes, you may want to discuss this with your physician, and request that your physician prescribe a smoking cessation aid for you while you are with us. If you're going to stay with us for a time, you might want to discuss this new policy with friends and family who might visit you while you are here. We will do our part to make you comfortable in this new environment, and ask that you and your family support the effort while you are with us.

Security at WNH is provided by the maintenance staff with the assistance of all on-duty employees and the Winfield Police Department. If you need assistance, please call the operator by dialing 0.

Fire/Disaster Alarms
The hospital is a solid building designed with safety in mind, and the staff is trained to respond to a variety of internal and external situations. If you see flames or smell smoke, contact any hospital staff member immediately. If alarm sounds, please stay in your room and wait for instructions.

For your protection, the hospital conducts fire and disaster drills regularly. The switchboard operator will announce drills shortly after the alarm begins. If a drill occurs while you are here, please remain in your room until directed by hospital staff. The hospital has an evacuation and disaster plan in place.

Supplemental oxygen creates the need for increased caution to avoid fire. Check with staff before using any electrical device from home.

Generally the medications you take while in the hospital are prescribed by your doctor, dispensed by the hospital pharmacy, and administered by a nurse or other licensed staff. Please also bring your current medication in its original bottle if you’re able.

A physician's order is required for patients to use medications from home in the hospital. Your nurse will administer your home medications as ordered unless your physician has given orders to allow self-administration.

The hospital does not operate a public pharmacy. By law we can only dispense enough medication for home use to get you by until local pharmacies are open.

Universal Precautions
You may notice hospital staff wearing protective clothing such as gloves, gowns, or masks. This practice - known as universal or standard precautions - is used with all patients under specified conditions, generally without regard to illness. For example, when starting an intravenous line healthcare professionals are expected to wear gloves.

These practices are intended to safeguard you and those providing your care. If you have questions, please check with your nurse.

Fall Precautions
If you are unsteady or dizzy, please notify your nurse. Precautions are taken for patients who are identified as having a risk for falls. Please follow your nurse's instructions to prevent injury.

Wheelchairs are available for patient and visitor use in the lobby and in all nursing units. Getting in and out of a wheelchair without assistance may be hazardous. Please ask for help from a member of the hospital staff.