Emergency Services

  • 24-Hour Emergency Room
  • 24-Hour Emergency Physicians
  • ACLS Trained Staff

Welcome to the Emergency Room at WNH

Our commitment to you is to provide excellent care. Our ER includes a dedicated team of health professionals experienced in caring for patients with a variety of medical emergencies. We combine technology with compassion to treat more than 9,000 patients each year. It is our goal to provide the highest quality of care. In doing so, we are committed to staffing physicians in our emergency department 24/7. At WNH we consider it a privilege as well as a responsibility to make sure you have a good experience with our hospital. We hope the information below will help you understand what you can expect during your visit to our ER.


If you need emergency assistance, please call 911 or present to the emergency room immediately. For comments and feedback about your care, please call the Quality Improvement Manager at 620-222-6225. Please note, we cannot provide medical advice over the phone.

5 Important Steps to Medical Care in the ER

1 - Triage
The triage nurse will examine you to see if your illness is:    

Special Notes

2 - Registration

3 - Treatment

4 - Tests

Diagnosing your illness and determining the right course of action will take some time. Please note expected times may vary based on staffing and patient census:         

5 - Re-evaluation    

Emergency Department Patient Guide Brochure