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Rehabilitation Services

The WNH Rehab team proudly shares over 125 years of service at the hospital, with some therapists calling WNH home for 30 years. Our rehab team offers one-on-one individualized treatment sessions in physical, occupational, and speech-language disciplines in inpatient, skilled, and outpatient settings. Our experienced therapists work together everyday to create a personalized rehabilitation experience for all patients. Give us a call to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team.

Physical Therapy

William Newton Hospital has six physical therapists and two certified physical therapy assistants on staff who are able to provide one-on-one care with individualized treatment plans. We provide acute, skilled, and outpatient PT. Our therapists each have private treatment rooms and utilize a dedicated gym with high quality equipment to improve care and treatment outcomes.

  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical rehab - UE, LE, and Spine
  • Neurological rehabilitation including stroke, spinal cord, and traumatic brain injuries
  • Parkinson’s treatment - LSVT Big certified pediatric rehabilitation for various diagnosis
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Post trauma - fracture and sports-related injuries
  • Post amputation and prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Modalities and manual therapy for acute and chronic pain
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization - Graston certified
  • Gait training with education in proper use of assistive devices (walkers, canes, crutches)
  • Individualized home exercise programs
  • Fall risk assessment and treatment
  • Caregiver training and education provided with handouts to assist with transition

Occupational Therapy and Orthotic Fabrication

WNH has a registered occupational therapist and two certified occupational therapy assistants on staff. We provide inpatient and outpatient services to Winfield and the surrounding communities. Our focus is maximizing functional independence through a variety of treatment methods and clinical experience. We treat patients from childhood through adulthood with a variety of conditions including neurological conditions, stroke, arthritis, fracture, upper extremity surgical aftercare, cumulative trauma, etc.

  • Upper extremity rehabilitation, including hand therapy
  • Custom upper extremity splint fabrication and orthosis recommendations
  • Manual therapy and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques including Graston Technique
  • Individualized training in everyday living skills including dressing, bathing, feeding, etc.
  • Low vision modifications and visual perceptual training
  • Power and manual wheelchair assessments and specialized seating recommendations
  • Home safety assessments and specialized adaptive equipment training

Speech Therapy

William Newton Hospital offers speech-language pathology services to evaluate and treat a wide variety of patients including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and in general patients who have any difficulty with speech, including pediatric individuals. Our speech-language pathologist is certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s. We also perform modified barium swallow studies in conjunction with diagnostic imaging. 

  • Articulation or errors with speech sounds
  • Language - this may be expressive or receptive speech.  It can affect reading and writing
  • Voice – problems with pitch, volume or quality
  • Swallowing problems that can arise after a head injury, a stroke, or babies born prematurely
  • Cognitive disorders including confusion and memory problems that often result from a stroke or a head injury
  • Speech-language pathologists may be helpful with breath control problems and aural rehabilitation (for hearing loss)

To contact Rehabilitation Services, call 620.221.2300 ext. 1194.

Meet our Team

William Newton Rehabilitation Services is proud to have six physical therapists, two certified physical therapy assistants, a registered occupational therapist, two certified occupational therapy assistants, and a speech-language pathologist providing focused, full-service rehabilitation care everyday at William Newton Hospital.

Dena Artherton
Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Brown, CPTA
Physical Therapy

Amanda Buttress, PT
Director of Rehab Services

Michelle Hedges, DPT
Physical Therapy

Debbra LaForge, MA, CCC-CLP
Speech Therapy

Sarah McDowell, DPT
Physical Therapy

Heather McLaughlin, OTR/L
Occupational Therapy

Tad Parsons, DPT
Physical Therapy

Julie Ross, PT
Physical Therapy

Barbara Trecek, DPT
Physical Therapy

Juliet Woodall, COTA
Occupational Therapy

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