Extra Mile

One of William Newton Hospital's Difference Makers recognitions, the Extra Mile program is a patient or peer recognition for an act or service that goes above and beyond the WNH Circle of Care Standards of Performance. Any William Newton Hospital employee or care provider can be recognized. The Extra Mile is presented using a "Willy's Golden Ticket" in person, by mail, or via Department Director/Supervisor. 

Recognition from patients

Our Quality Improvement Manager collects feedback from patients (comments from internal and external patient surveys) and presents our care providers or employees with the Willy's Golden Ticket. 

Recognition from employees or other care providers

Peers can recognize each other for going the Extra Mile with a Willy's Golden Ticket via the following: 

What does the recipient receive?

Extra Mile recipients collect their Willy’s Golden Tickets to redeem for prizes. Recipients will also be named in William Newton Hospital's bi-weekly employee newsletter, the Exchange, when tickets are redeemed.

When can the tickets be redeemed?

Willy's Golden Tickets are redeemed quarterly. Employees should watch the Exchange for redemption dates, instructions, and prize details. Must be redeemed in increments of five. Tickets can be carried over/accumulated.