A Survivor, Three Times Over

Dec 31, 2021

Allan and Susan Norton have lived in the Winfield community their entire lives and are big advocates of quality local healthcare. The following is a letter submitted by Susan about the life-saving care they have received from our team at WNH on multiple occasions, specifically focusing on their recent experience with COVID-19.

Allan Norton survived sepsis twice several years ago and recently battled a rough case of COVID-19. The medical staff at William Newton Hospital has saved his life three times now, and we just wanted to share our gratitude for them being there for us when we needed them most.

Allan's COVID-19 journey started on January 25, 2021 when he was admitted to WNH in critical condition. Allan had several serious immune system problems, which made him especially vulnerable with sepsis and COVID.

After contracting COVID, Allan collapsed at home. Our son, Michael, rushed him to the emergency room at WNH. Dr. Boppana, who had done Allan's heart stents previously, and Dr. Shaheen responded to the call and met Allan in the emergency room. We are so very grateful!

Someone on Allan's care team wanted to move him to Hutchinson and intubate him. We said no two times. We are very supportive of our hospital and chose to stay at WNH with their wonderful medical staff because we knew the hospital had an exceptional COVID unit. We were so thankful that the ER doctor told us Allan could stay. Allan was in critical condition for 10 days and was in the hospital a total of 15 days. I tested positive for COVID on January 26, just a day after Allan was admitted to WNH. I was able to stay at home, but was extremely ill.

Allan had the best nurses-so caring. Allan had 'round the clock care. The nurses and doctors kept me informed of his medical condition while I was home, which meant so much to Michael and me. While I could not see or be with him, I was able to contact them at any time. The hospitalists were incredible, so brilliant and knowledgeable. Dr. Suku practices in Tulsa, OK, but is originally from India. He is here often, is very caring, and was very helpful in helping Allan wean off of oxygen. He knew Allan was depressed and asked him where he liked to eat. Allan told him he loved Boss Hogs brisket dinners. That evening he brought Allan a Boss Hogs brisket dinner. It was so sweet and thoughtful. He was such a kind and caring doctor.

One of Allan's other hospitalists was Dr. Kumar from Kansas City. He is in charge of Saint Luke's Hospital's cardiology unit and is a very talented heart surgeon. He told me he loves coming to Winfield because it's such a wonderful small town. He enjoys being able to treat patients at such a state-of-the-art medical center with amazing staff. Dr. Kumar came to America when he was four years old from India with his mother who was a surgeon, and he is so proud of his American citizenship. He treated Allan medically for 10 days, and we feel he was critical to Allan's survival.

Allan is a walking miracle. I was told that first day, they didn't think he would survive. He is healing and doing well because of the great care from his doctors. The entire hospital staff is so incredible with their care.

Our community is blessed to have such a state-of-the-art hospital with a wonderful new surgery addition, COVID unit, infusion services, and much more. So many wise decisions have been made through the years. Allan and I wont to acknowledge and applaud the incredible care of the COVID unit. To us, they are heroes risking their own lives to take care of people who are so critically ill. They work many, many long hours and deal with so much sadness and loss. It is such a stressful job, and they are so dedicated.

We encourage people to get the COVID vaccine. We are still dealing with some of the lasting side effects, and we don't want other people to have to go through what we did. It is a terrible, deadly disease. It's so easy to do your part to protect yourself and those around you. Thank you WNH and the COVID care unit. You are the greatest!

Sincerely, Susan and Allan Norton

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