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Navigating the New Fast Track in the William Newton Hospital Emergency Department

Mar 29, 2024

By Cassie Stein, BSN, RN, EMT, Emergency Department Manager at William Newton Hospital

William Newton Hospital is proud to announce the opening of the new Fast Track as part of emergency care services. With the demand for emergency care continuing to rise, this option will help provide faster care to patients who present with concerns that are less emergent but still need to be evaluated and cared for.

The emergency department (ED) works on a triage system. Patients with a life-threatening concern are seen and provided care first as they are time and life-sensitive. Patients with concerns that are not as time-sensitive may be asked to wait to be seen.

With any new service, there are always questions. Below are a few commonly asked questions and answers to help prepare you for your visit to the emergency department and potentially Fast Track.

What is the Fast Track?

Fast Track is a branch of the emergency department that helps provide faster services to patients with less emergent concerns.

What kind of medical concerns will be seen in the Fast Track?

Medical concerns that may be considered urgent but not life-threatening will be seen in the Fast Track. This includes but is not limited to minor injuries, fractures, Flu/COVID/RSV concerns without distress, urinary tract infections, pregnancy tests or STD testing, allergy symptoms, minor burns, well-child exams, minor abdominal pain, constipation, or other items a primary care provider would be seen for.

Are there still blood work and radiology exams in the Fast Track?

Yes. The Fast Track will be able to access all the same services as the emergency department including lab, respiratory, and radiology services by educated and trained staff.

Is the Fast Track open 365/24/7 like an emergency department?

No. The Fast Track is intended to operate during high-volume times in the emergency department. To start, the Fast Track will be open Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

How do patients get seen in the Fast Track?

All patients will continue to check in at admissions to be seen in the emergency department. We will do our best to ensure patients get the proper care for their medical concerns. Once registered in the emergency department, the patient will be triaged and given an initial medical screening by a registered nurse or paramedic. The screening looks at the patient’s medical concerns, vital signs, and physical assessment. With all of this information, they will decide which area is more appropriate: emergency care or Fast Track. Depending on patient volumes and other considerations, patients may return to the waiting room to await seeing a provider or be taken directly to a room.

Do patients have to schedule an appointment?

No. The Fast Track operates on a walk-in basis.

Why is there a wait?

We understand that no one wants to wait. However, the emergency department must prioritize patients who are the sickest or have life-threatening conditions. There may be others with more critical conditions that need to be seen first. Our providers will complete a full assessment and develop a personalized treatment plan. All concerns should be evaluated by a provider, and this is part of the goal of opening the Fast Track.

What happens if symptoms get worse?

If the patient’s condition worsens or changes while waiting to be seen, they should let registration know. ED staff will assess the patient’s current status.

Does the Fast Track accept insurance?

Yes, we will accept all insurances. Patients should check their policy to make sure that William Newton Hospital is considered an in-network provider. Patients will be responsible for covering any co-pay. Patients without insurance will be asked for a $100 fee for being seen in the Fast Track.

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Editorial Notes: This article was submitted for the "Weekend Check-Up," a regular health column in the Cowley CourierTraveler penned by employees and friends of William Newton Hospital. Cassie Stein, BSN, RN, EMT, William Newton Hospital emergency department manager, holds certifications in basic life support, advanced cardiovascular life support, trauma nursing, pediatric advanced life support, five levels of the incident command system, and is a strike team task force leader.

Posted in Emergency Care , Weekend Check-Up Column on Mar 29, 2024