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About the William Newton Wound Healing Center

Apr 24, 2021

By Christpher A. Morrissey, DO, FACOS

Wounds are an entity that affects many people in the United States. A 2018 retrospective analysis of Medicare beneficiaries identified approximately 8.2 million had wounds with or without infection. Medicare cost estimates for acute and chronic wound treatments ranged from $28.1 billion to $96.8 billion.Dr. Christopher Morrissey

There are a variety of different types of wounds that can affect patient populations. These are, but not limited to, surgical wounds, diabetic foot wounds, arterial and venous wounds of the lower extremities, pressure ulcers, neuropathic wounds, and traumatic wounds. The William Newton Wound Healing Center is well equipped to handle any of these wounds for our community.

At William Newton Hospital, wound care is located on the 2nd floor and has been open since 2014. It has undergone changes over the years with modalities, personnel, and leadership. We have been very successful in treating our patients and are continuing to grow our patient care radius.

The center is open Monday through Friday. Patients will be seen by one of our providers on their initial visit, and the team will formulate the appropriate care plan. We will order the appropriate laboratory values, wound cultures, imaging, and blood flow studies based on the patient presentation and medical history.

William Newton Wound Healing Center has a multitude of dressings, biological skin substitutes, and treatment modalities that will augment the leading treatments in the field including negative pressure wound vacuums and compression wraps. If the patient requires surgical debridement or care, there is a general surgeon and two podiatrists to meet those needs. The patient will then return for the appropriate amount of follow up visits.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact William Newton Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center at 620-222-6205.

Christopher Morrissey, DO, FACOS, is a general surgeon and medical director of the William Newton Wound Healing Center providing specialized treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds. If you have comments or story ideas, call 620-222-6262, or e-mail. The "Weekend Check-Up" is a regular health column published in the Cowley Courier Traveler penned by employees and friends of William Newton Hospital.

Posted in Weekend Check-Up Column , Wound Care on Apr 24, 2021