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If your stay in the hospital is scheduled, such as for surgery, it is often very helpful to register and have lab tests completed a day or more ahead of your services. This helps to reduce the possibility of delays on the day of scheduled services. Ask your physician for guidance on what needs to be done prior to your hospital stay.

What to Bring to the Hospital
You will need only a few items for your hospital stay, such as pajamas or nightgowns, a bathrobe, nonskid slippers and personal care items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and shampoo. Some personal care items can be purchased in the Snack Bar/Gift Shop.

Please do not bring money, jewelry or other valuables. We prefer that you not bring electrical appliances from home, such as hair dryers, radios and personal fans. If you do, please ask your nurse to have it inspected for safe operation.

Bring a list of the medications you take regularly. Include all the information on the prescription label (see "Medications" in the Safety and Security section).

Valuables or Lost Items
Patients are asked not to bring items of value to the hospital. If you do bring a valuable item, it should be deposited in the safe in the Business Office. You will be given a written receipt for all items, which must be presented when you withdraw them. The hospital does not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are deposited in the safe.

If you lose something, please notify your nurse immediately. We will make every effort to help you find it.

Unclaimed articles are turned in to the switchboard where they are kept for at least 60 days. To inquire about lost articles, dial the switchboard at extension 0.