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Newborn Gallery

Newborn Photography

Capturing your child's first moments and helping families build memories is a part of the focused patient care at the William Newton Family Birthing Center. 

Our complimentary newborn photography session is something we are very proud to be able to offer.

A photography session will be held the day your child is discharged. The sessions last 15 to 20 minutes. Parents are welcome to send one to two outfits and accessories to enhance the photo session. 

Digital photos will be provided via email at no charge, and one of your newborn's images will be displayed in our online Newborn Gallery and on the bulletin board in the Family Birthing Center hallway.

Our staff photographers are available Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm. If your baby is discharged on a Saturday or Sunday, and you are interested in taking advantage of this benefit, please contact us to schedule a session within 10 days of discharge.

Our Photographers 

Kylie Stamper
620-221-2300 x1119

Sarah Bryant
620-221-2300 x1113

Cheryl Brock