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Firearms Prohibited in Hospital Buildings

The Personal and Family Protection Act of 2006 permits anyone who can meet licensing requirements to lawfully carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Kansas. The state began issuing licenses to carry concealed weapons on January 3, 2007. As part of the legislation businesses have the right to determine whether or not they will permit concealed weapons to be carried on their premises.

William Newton Hospital has elected to ban all firearms, whether concealed or not, from all buildings on the hospital campus and all off-site buildings operated by WNH. These include the main hospital building, Winfield Healthcare Center, Physicians Pavilion, Winfield Dialysis Center and WNH rural health clinics located in Dexter, Moline, Cedar Vale and Sedan.

The policy applies to all firearms, whether concealed or not, and all persons entering a WNH operated building with the exception of on-duty law enforcement officrs. The policy does not prohibit firearms from being stored in parked vehicles if in accordance with Kansas law.

Having a good policy and process on weapons is just one small part of our commitment to the safety of our patients, guests, medical staff and employees. Most Kansas hospitals and many other businesses have adopted or are considering similar policies.

Signs are posted at all building entrances and employees instructed on how to respectfully enforce the policy. The WNH Administration and Board of Trustees would like to thank all citizens for their cooperation with this policy.