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Family Birthing Center

Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding and thrilling experiences a family can have. Every birth is unique, and William Newton Hospital is committed to helping make each birth experience a meaningful one.

Sunflower OB-Gyn Team     

Comfort & Dedicated Care

At the Family Birthing Center, it is our goal to keep you and your baby happy, healthy and comfortable. That’s why we made rooms that feel more like home. You'll also have peace of mind with our expert team of caring specialists and use of the latest technology.

How you have your baby is completely up to you. We support choices, traditions and mothers who would like a natural childbirth. Our Family Birthing Center team is especially proud of our low C-section rate-- it's an indication of their dedication and focused care.

Getting Ready


Prepared Childbirth Class

Childbirth is a normal process for which a woman's body is designed. Preparation for childbirth gives a woman confidence in her abilities and provides her with coping techniques for labor and answers to frequently asked questions.

Preparation will help a woman experience the miracle of birth with dignity and satisfaction. It allows for active participation and sharing in the joy of child birth.

Our classes are held for four consecutive weeks and are designed to accommodate the mother-to-be and a support person if desired. Pre-registration early in pregnancy is advisable as classes fill up quickly.

Because we want families to be prepared and active participants, William Newton Hospital offers this class at no charge to those planning on delivering at WNH. All other registrants please pay $10 per class, or $40 for the entire four-week session.

What Happens In Class

  • Class 1: What to expect during your hospital stay - We'll cover signs and symptoms of labor and when you should come to the hospital. During this class you will also learn relaxation techniques to help focus during stages of labor. These techniques provide partner support and communication during contractions, transition and birth.
  • Class 2: Infant Care/Parenting Issues - Learn about bathing, feeding, calming and coping, the 4th trimester and beyond. Also enjoy a tour of the birth center.
  • Class 3: Breastfeeding Class - Meet with a certified breastfeeding educator and learn the techniques that will benefit you & your baby.
  • Class 4: Infant CPR and Newborn Safety - This class will be held in the WNH Classroom.

When and Where

2020 Prepared Childbirth Class Start Dates

  • Thursday, January 9
  • Thursday, February 20
  • Thursday, April 2
  • Thursday, May 7
  • Thursday, July 9
  • Thursday, August 6
  • Thursday, September 3
  • Thursday, October 1 
  • Thursday, December 3 *Breastfeeding Class Only

Classes are held on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. Each session last 4 weeks, you can pick which classes to attend in a session. Classes are held in two different locations: the Lower Assembly Room of the Physicians Pavilion and the Lower Level Classroom at William Newton Hospital. Please note location before arrival to your class. 

What To Bring

For each class period we ask you to wear comfortable clothing. You will receive some handout materials, but taking notes is beneficial.

How To Register

Call 620-221-2300, ext. 1500

Schedule a Tour

To schedule a tour of the William Newton Family Birthing Center, call 620.222.6292. 

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