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Central Auditory Processing Evaluation

A Central Auditory Processing (CAP) Disorder is the inability to understand spoken language in a meaningful way in the absence of a hearing loss.

The evaluation tools used in the Audiology Department of William Newton Hospital include the Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS-3), the SCAN-C for children and the SCAN-A for adults.

The TAPS-3 measures nine areas of auditory skills in individuals age 4 - 18 years. They include measures of auditory memory, auditory discrimination ability, phonemic segmentation, the ability to follow multi-part directions, and thinking and reasoning skills.

The SCAN-C is designed to identify CAP disorders in children aged 5 years to 11 years 11 months, while the SCAN-A is appropriate for use with adults. Both versions includes four subtests: Filtered words, Auditory Figure Ground, Competing Words, and Competing Sentences.