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Weekend Check-Up


May 19, 2018


Racing Through Life


By Ruth Bumgarner, Healthways Coordinator


Healthways of William Newton Hospital caught up with these Junebug Joggers and asked about the benefits of running or walking throughout all stages of life. Elaine Ranking Junebug Jog

  • Elaine Rankin – 60 and up bracket
  • Crista Kronmiller – 30-39 bracket
  • Chelsea Miller – 20-29 bracket
  • Dr. Daniel Miller, Sarah Miller and children – Among three brackets as a family

Q:   What do you enjoy about running and/or walking?

Elaine:  My mom walked for years, starting during her lunch hour when she first went to work at age 55.  She soon had a group walking and was truly my inspiration.  She walked daily, even after she retired and later she had to use a cane or a walker when she was in her early 90s.  I guess I am proudly carrying on an old family tradition.

Crista: It's my stress reliever. Time to clear my mind and just get away from the stress of adulthood.

Miller Family: We asked the kids this question and here were their answers – “it’s fun, ” “it makes you go faster the more you run,” “I try to win.”  As parents, we’d add that we feel good after we run or take a walk as a family.

Q:  What are the health and non-health related benefits of running and/or walking to you?

Elaine:  Walking is my cheap form of therapy, and has been for many years.  Walking gives me a chance to think through what is going on in my life, do some planning, and lots of praying!  Most of the time now I walk with my two rescue dogs, Angel and Mindy.

Crista: Running is my "mommy alone time." That little bit of time to remove stress or bad vibes of the day. The perks are that cardio is amazing for the body and for your health. 

Miller Family: It gets our blood pumping and gives us a boost in our mood.  Everyone is happier after we’ve gotten up and moved our bodies.  It also gives us something to do!  It keeps us from getting bored.  It also gives us an opportunity to spend time together.  We walk to the librJunebug Jog Crista Chelseaary, to the Rec Center, to the park, and to Braum’s of course! 

Q:  Why is staying active important to you?

Elaine:  Staying fit is really important to me.  I walk almost daily as well as do all the chores necessary to take care of a garden, a large yard, 5 horses, 2 dogs, and many cats.  I also help plant and maintain the butterfly gardens at the local museum and have worked on the Habitat houses over the years.  I am proud to say that I take no prescriptions and am within a few pounds of my weight goal.  I credit my walking and being active for this.

Chelsea: It helps motivate me to do better and keeps me healthier. 

Crista: Staying active is very important to me because I want to live a long healthy life. I want to be healthy for my kids and eventually grandkids someday. You cannot control genetic health issues, but you can do your best to prevent them.

Miller Family: Motivation and motion go hand-in-hand.  We want to always be people who are growing and moving forward, not stuck in the “same old, same old.”

Q:  How do the events hosted through Healthways help you reach your goals?

Elaine:  I have participated in the Junebug Jog for about 20 years and am proud to say my mom walked it one year and my grandsons have been here a few times to run it too.  I really enjoy seeing all the other runners and challenging myself. 

Chelsea: I am able to meet all my accomplishments through the Healthways program because everyone is so supportive and always trying to lift each other up.        

Miller Family: We love the opportunities that Healthways gives our family to be active. The Junebug Jog is our family favorite, and Sarah loves the yoga classes.

Q: Crista & Chelsea: You two often run with each other. What do you like about having a running buddy?

Chelsea: Having a running buddy means you constantly have someone pushing you to do your best.

Crista: You have a supporter, a cheerleader, and a reason not to give up. You want to encourage your running partner, but you also want someone to enjoy your success with when you cross that finish line.

Q: Miller Family: What are some of the benefits/challenges of doing events as a family?Miller Family Junebug Jog

Miller Family: The hardest part about doing things as a family is adapting to each person’s ability level.  A couple of years ago Daniel and Ella ran the Junebug Jog while Sarah carried Elias in a baby carrier and pushed Sophia in the stroller.  Let’s just say her time was a little different than Daniel’s!  But the fun is worth it.  We waved at all the people who passed us!  One year Ella won the youngest participant award.  She was thrilled.  It’s just a lot of fun to do as a family!

The Junebug Jog is a community event for all ages hosted by Healthways of William Newton Hospital and the Winfield Recreation Commission to promote health, wellness, and active lifestyles. The race is in its 29th year and is slated for Saturday, June 9 at Southwestern College.

To register online, visit You can also stop by the Healthways office at William Newton Hospital.

The "Weekend Check-Up" is a regular health column published in the Cowley Courier Traveler penned by employees and friends of William Newton Hospital. 



Top: Pushing through until the end, Junebug Jog veteran Elaine Rankin shows determination at the 2017 race.
Middle: Crista Kronmiller (far left) and Chelsea Miller (far right) encourage each other across the finish line at the 28th annual Junebug Jog.
Bottom: Sarah Miller pushes two of her three children to complete the 5k race at Southwestern College.