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Newborn Gallery

March 26, 2018

Stepping On Accepting Registrations

Healthways of William Newton Hospital will be offering Stepping On, a fall prevention workshop series, beginning Tuesday, April 10 at the Physicians Pavilion.

Over the course of seven weeks, Stepping On meets Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. to noon, and empowers older adults to take control of their fall risks.  The workshop is designed for independent community-dwelling older adults who have fallen, are at risk of falling, or who have a fear of falling. 

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among adults ages 65 and older.  One in three adults in this age range experience a fall each year, and these falls can be costly—both in dollars and in a loss of well-being.  Research has shown that even if a fall does not cause any injuries, it can cause a fear of falling or lack of confidence that can limit mobility, socialization, and activity.  But falls are not a normal part of the aging process and can be prevented.

“Falls are not inevitable,” said Ruth Bumgarner, William Newton Hospital Healthways Coordinator.  “Stepping On workshops help people learn how to prevent falls and make the changes they need in their lives to reduce their risk of falling.” Ruth Bumgarner

Together in a small group setting, Stepping On participants learn and practice strength and balance exercises, address fall prevention tactics, and encourage behavioral changes to reduce the risk of falls.  A wide range of fall prevention factors, including home hazards, safe footwear, vision, medication risks, community mobility, and physical activity will be presented by Bumgarner and a variety of guest speakers from the community.

The goal is to help people better manage their own risk of falls and take steps on their own to prevent falls. 

The cost to participate is just $20. To register for the workshop, or for more information about Stepping On, contact Ruth Bumgarner with Healthways of William Newton Hospital at 620.222.6262.


Along with other Stepping On participants, Mary Jarvis, front, practices tandem walking during the 2017 autumn workshop.