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Circle of Care William Newton Hosptial

William Newton Hospital Circle of Care: Standards of Performance 

  1. I will smile, greet, and introduce myself at the beginning of each new interaction, as I am privileged to serve you.  I will answer the telephone promptly and kindly provide my name and department.
  2. My warm and gentle welcome will provide reassurance and confidence in times of worry.
  3. I will be considerate of a patient's family and friends; they are important to the patient and they are important to me.
  4. My attitude and actions will make a difference in your care.  If I am rude, so is the hospital.  If I am negative, so is the hospital.  If the care I provide is excellent, so is WNH.
  5. My name badge will be worn as I am proud to be an employee.
  6. I communicate effectively and with empathy and cultural understanding.
  7. I will promote accountability by being responsible for my own actions.  You can count on me. 
  8. I will be self-motivated and driven to perform at my highest level.
  9. I will demonstrate respect by treating others as I would expect to be treated.  I will accept constructive feedback.
  10. I will take ownership in WNH.  I will be prideful about the appearance of WNH facilities; I will pick up after myself, co-workers and patients to ensure that our environment is clean and inviting.
  11. My actions will be based on honesty, moral principles and sincerity.  I will not judge others.
  12. I will embrace new technology and proven medical research.  I will not be afraid of change if it results in better outcomes for our patients and organization.
  13. I will be positive and approachable.  I will take issues to those it directly concerns with a solution in mind.
  14. I will be a team player.  I will support co-workers in every department and offer a helping hand when in need.
  15. My wisdom will be shared with all employees.  I will help them, and not allow them to fail.

I AM William Newton Hospital. 
I represent excellence, both internally and in the community.  
I make a difference.