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November 7, 2019


Winfield Students Scratch for Scrubs

Health Science Careers students at Winfield High School are offering discounts to local establishments with ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets. Half of the funds raised will benefit William Newton Hospital’s future expansion of the emergency department and half will go towards personalized scrubs for the students to wear during rotations.

“Our foundation has awarded scholarships to health careers students for a number of years,” said William Newton Healthcare Foundation Director Annika Morris. “We are excited that these young students have decided to give back to William Newton Hospital and our Second Century Campaign efforts in this way. This connection makes their fundraising efforts especially meaningful and worthwhile.”Winfield Students and Hospital Staff

Making patient care more efficient and bringing improvements to facilities for emergency medicine services is the phase two focus of the hospital’s Second Century Campaign.

The students explore careers in healthcare by spending time with real-life professionals within the community. While on site, students are placed in a variety of settings including surgery, obstetrics, nursing, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, and more.

“Having scrubs helps identify the students as students, while helping them experience their rotation as a healthcare provider,” says Rob Fields, student advisor.

Many of these students are also members of Health Occupation Students of America, a student organization at Winfield High School for over 15 years. The group currently has 127 members. 

Health Science Careers sponsors two blood drives each year, Christmas gifts for over 200 children, the Turner Family Scholarship, and the fall and spring Health Occupation Students of America conferences. Food is also provided as a thank you to the job sites hosting students. 

In exchange for a contribution determined by the amount scratched, donors receive several coupons to businesses including Gambino’s Pizza, Lucky Star, Graves Drug, McDonald’s, Luigi’s, Shindigs, Beiderman’s, and Burger Station. The coupons can be used through May of 2020.

Scratch off amounts range from $0.50 to $3.00. Each student is tasked with collecting 20 donations, which will earn $100 towards the purchase of scrubs.

Fields shared his appreciation for those who have helped the Health Science Careers program grow, “We want to thank the healthcare community for being so supportive. It wouldn’t be where it is today without the community.”

To donate, contact Fields at 620-218-3522. Learn more about William Newton Hospital’s Second Century Campaign.



Winfield High School Health Science Careers students show off their ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets which will raise funds for William Newton Hospital and new scrubs to be worn during site rotations. Front row from left: Sarah Bryant, William Newton Hospital director of marketing, Addison Barg, William Newton Pediatrics shadow and Winfield Health Occupation Students of America vice president, Annika Morris, William Newton Healthcare Foundation director, and Donna Duong, Winfield Surgery and Services shadow and Winfield Health Occupation Students of America president. Back row from left: Eric Flaton, Winfield High School principal, Eric Cooper, Winfield High School assistant principal, John Kaufman, Winfield High School athletic director, and Danae Pfizenmaier, Winfield High School assistant principal.