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June 19, 2018

Work to Begin on Cowley County Community Health Needs Assessment

Over the next three months, William Newton Hospital will be partnering with the City-Cowley County Health Department and Community Health Center in Cowley County to update the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). 

These organizations share a goal to understand progress in addressing community health needs cited in the 2015 CHNA and to collect up-to-date community health perceptions in Cowley County.

“Hospital leaders use the CHNA as a tool to respond to healthcare needs,” says William Newton Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Ben Quinton. “The assessment not only informs hospital strategy, but is key to maintaining our tax-exempt status.”

Affordable Care Act legislation requires all tax-exempt hospitals to submit a CHNA to the IRS every three years. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, the Community Health Center in Cowley County is also required to conduct a CHNA to fulfill funding requirements set forth by Health Resources and Services Administration.

To accomplish this work, a short online survey has been developed: SURVEY LINK  

The CHNA feedback link can also be found on William Newton Hospital’s, City-Cowley Health Department’s and Community Health Center in Cowley County’s website and/or Facebook pages.

“We hope that the community and health professionals will take advantage of this opportunity to provide input into the future of healthcare delivery in our county,” comments City-Cowley County Health Department Administrator Tom Langer.

All community residents are encouraged to complete the CHNA online survey by Wednesday, August 1, 2018 and to attend the upcoming scheduled Town Hall on Tuesday August 21 from 11:30-1:00pm at Winfield Public Library.

Vince Vandehaar, MBA (VVV Consultants LLC, an independent research firm from Olathe, KS) has been retained to conduct this community wide research. If you have any questions about CHNA activities, please call 620-221-2300 extension 1113.