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Newborn Gallery

June 27, 2018

Birthing Center Puts Families First

The Family Birthing Center at William Newton Hospital in Winfield was built on the philosophy that each baby and each birth is one-of-a-kind. The skilled team of providers delivers over 250 babies each year. Family Birthing Center team 2018

“We strive for excellence not only with the knowledge of our staff, but in the education we provide for our community,” says William Newton Hospital’s Obstetrics Supervisor Debbie Marrs, RN.

The goal is for each family to enter the hospital prepared to deliver their baby, and to exit with the confidence to care for their infant after leaving the shelter of the hospital.

To help equip families, free prepared childbirth classes are offered throughout the year for those delivering at William Newton Hospital. These classes contribute to the level of comfort the team works to provide on the day of delivery.

Along with prepared childbirth classes, the Family Birthing Center offers classes on “What to Expect During Your Hospital Stay,” breastfeeding, CPR, infant care, and parenting issues.

William Newton Hospital is recognized as a ‘High 5 for Mom & Baby’ hospital. Currently there are only 33 hospitals in Kansas to have reached this designation.

“WNH Family Birthing Center is committed to High 5 best practices,” Marrs shares. “Our ongoing participation helps us stay acutely aware of the needs for moms and babies.”

By participating in the High 5 program, patients can expect skin-to-skin immediately after birth, nothing but breastmilk, ‘rooming in,’ no pacifiers or bottle nipples, and breastfeeding resources. The Family Birthing Center team includes certified lactation counselors and breastfeeding educators to help moms be successful.

Rooms in the Family Birthing Center are designed to have the essence of home. The unit is equipped with seven private rooms, two birthing suites, and a C-section surgical suite. Both birthing suites feature whirlpool tubs for the laboring process.

“We aim to always provide individualized care in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment,” Marrs says.

A labor and delivery nurse is on site at all times. During labor, a nurse provides one-on-one care.

The telemetry monitoring system gives patients mobile freedom during labor. This system gives clinicians increased monitoring capabilities while allowing laboring mothers to walk around or change positions to ease discomfort.

According to Marrs, patient safety while in the care of the Family Birthing Center is a top priority. The team uses security measures to ensure the safety of both mom and baby. For example, no infant leaves the obstetrical unit unauthorized without setting off an alarm.

The Family Birthing Center supports choices, traditions, and mothers who would like natural childbirth. Marrs said the team is especially proud of its low C-section rate as an indication of focused care.

The William Newton Hospital campus is home to three physicians providing obstetrical care and a certified nurse midwife. Conveniently located in Winfield, the Family Birthing Center serves Cowley, Sumner, Chautauqua, and Elk counties.

To learn more, visit the William Newton Hospital Family Birthing Center online or call 620-221-2300.


William Newton Hospital obstetrical staff welcomes expecting families to the Family Birthing Center. Front row from left: Charlene Archer, Angie Brooks, Brandy Anstaett, Kylee Frank, and Kathy Broce. Back row from left: Kayla Crane, Rochelle Grahem, Debbie Marrs, and Erin Champlin.