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Telephone Directory


Calling from outside William Newton Hospital

Most calls may completed by dialing hospital main number and asking the operator to direct your call. You may bypass the switchboard by calling the automated attendent and entering the department's four-digit extension. 


Selected Direct Lines

Main Hospital Number 620-221-2300
Automated Attendant 620-221-2214
Winfield Healthcare Center 620-221-2900
Cancer Center of Kansas 620-221-6125
Winfield Cancer Center 620-229-9345
Healthways 620-222-6262
Home Health 620-221-2916
Occupational Health 620-222-6233


Selected Phone Extensions

Switchboard Operator 0
Central Scheduling 1500
Administration 1103
Registration 1112
Human Resources  1117
Discharge Planner 1233
Education 1145
Dietitian 1129
Kitchen 1130
Snack Bar/Gift Shop 1159
Nursing Service  1230
Credit/Collections  1152
Pharmacy 1176


Making a call out of WNH

Telephones are provided in each room, except in the Intensive Care Unit. Patients may receive calls in their rooms between 7 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Calls received after 8:30 p.m. will be directed to the appropriate nursing station and forwarded at the nursing staff's discretion.

Local calls may be made at any time from the room by dialing 9 and the number. Long distance, credit card and toll calls can be placed through the switchboard operator by dialing 0. Calls cannot be charged to your room.

Cell Phones and Pay Phones

Cell phones should be turned off in patient care areas of the hospital as they can interfere with patient monitoring equipment. There are no public pay phones located in WNH.